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With Lighthouse Capital Finance, finding the best finance and loan structures for all your needs has never been easier! Whether you require auto, equipment, or RV and Leisure financing, our comprehensive financial services allow you to find the best solution that will keep more of your money in your own pocket, lighting your way to a better financial future. 

Thanks to our decades-long experience in the industry and our vast lender network, we can help find you a tailored financing solution for all your needs, no matter your financial situation or credit history. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the terms you want, at an excellent rate, in record time. 

Lighting Your Way to a Better Financial Future

Lighthouse Capital Finance was started in December 2018, after its founder, Wesley Simpson made the conscious decision not to go back to a franchise auto dealer. 

Wesley wanted to provide comprehensive financial and loan services that would put his customers first, and with 40 years in the automotive industry and 30 years experience in finance, he is well equipped to set clients on the path to financial security, no matter their situation or credit history.

Your One Stop Shop For All Your Financing Needs

With several decades of expertise and experience, we are unique in offering a one stop shop for all your financing needs, be it automotive and equipment financing, or RV and Leisure vehicle financing. 

Why Work With Us? 

At Lighthouse Capital Finance, we place the interests of our clients at the heart of everything we do and always act in their best interest. We strive to: 

  • Listen to your needs and find you the right solutions, ensuring you are completely happy with the outcome. 
  • Work tirelessly to meet your timescales to completion. 
  • Build long term relationships.
  • Protect your credit and avoid putting your credit rating through multiple checks.
  • Coach you through the entire process, setting you up for future financial success.

Get Financing No Matter Your Credit History

No matter your credit history or financial situation, our team can help you find a tailored financing solution with flexible terms that fit your budget and lifestyle. Enter your information below and one of our team members will reach out shortly.

We Will Work For You

At Lighthouse Capital Finance, we don’t just provide great financial services to customers with good credit - we aim to help everyone - including our customers who require financing, but have bad, little, or no credit. 

We never judge a book by its cover, so we won’t turn you away because of your credit history. Our team of financial specialists will always work around the clock to find a tailored, flexible, and affordable financing solution that works for your lifestyle and within your budget. 

We Can Help Grow Your Small Business

Have you just started a small business? We can help you grow and expand with the right equipment financing solutions, so you never have to worry about impacting your cash flow or putting a significant capital up front!

Grow Your Money With Our Tailored Financial Services

At Lighthouse Capital Finance, we have formed close and trustworthy relationships with our partners and lenders, and have an unstoppable drive to provide transparent and honest service to all of our clients. 

Some of our services include: 

1. Vehicle Financing: We help you find the right car and car loan and have partnered with some of the best vehicle financing providers for consumers with bad, little, or no credit, so no matter your situation, you can purchase the pre-owned vehicle of your dreams! 

2. Equipment Leasing: Our equipment financing services help you build and expand your business! If you are struggling to purchase new equipment, we can help you find a financing option that works to keep your production rolling. 

3. RV and Leisure Financing: Our financing experts will help you find, compare, and choose suitable pre-owned RV and leisure financing solutions to suit your budget and lifestyle, so you can enjoy new and exciting adventures!

4. Finance Coaching: Our one-on-one or group finance coaching sessions can help you take control of your finances, transform your relationship with money, and set you on the road to a better financial tomorrow. 

Whatever services you are in need of, you can be sure that you are relying on a team that supports you from start to finish. We always go the extra mile to get you the financial solutions you deserve and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

What Clients Are Saying

Lighthouse Capital Is Here For You

Lighthouse Capital Is Here For You

Have you ever thought i (We) make great money! where does it all go?? you are not alone. we live in a time where we are constantly being inundated with ads about almost everything. it really take an extra effort to be intentional with your money. we live in a world where very few people actually use cash.

My goal with every client is to help them build a life where they control their money instead of their money controlling their life!

We accomplish this by developing tactics, strategies and habits. we dig into your reasons for wanting to change and we take small incremental steps to achieve your desired result. 

If you are ready for that change and want a future that you dream about but that you thought not really possible then reach out to me for your free 30 minute discover call to see if coaching is right for you.

I look forward to guiding you to a brighter financial future! 

Start Your Journey Towards Financial Freedom

Whether you require financing for a pre-owned vehicle, RV, or commercial equipment, we can help you get the flexible terms and great rates you deserve! Our team also offers comprehensive finance coaching services to help transform your relationship with money and get you on the road to financial stability.

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