Helping You Build a Brighter Financial Future

Finance and Credit coaching

we specialize in working with couples that want to take control of their money, that dream of owning a home, putting their children through college, and saving for retirement. we guide couples to a better financial future by developing empowering habits.

as us how, first 30 minute session is free to see if this is right for you!

Finance and Credit coaching

At Lighthouse Capital Finance, our team of expert personal finance coaches can help you take control of your finances, feel positive about the future, and become better equipped to tackle any challenges that come your way! 

Our one-on-one or group financial coaching sessions will allow you to gain insight into what drives your financial behaviour, clear some of the obstacles standing in the way of your financial success, and enable you to efficiently solve any money challenges that you might face in the future. if you are new to Canada or just new to Credit we can help you build your credit and avoid the pitfalls many find simply because they didnt know. Dont let that happen to your credit, it takes years to build and months to destroy.

Our Calgary Finance Coaches Help Transform Your Relationship With Money

Money is a key part of everyday life, yet most people are never taught how to manage their finances effectively. That’s why it’s not surprising that financial worries are one of the biggest causes of stress. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer through a bad relationship with your finances any longer! 

Our expert team of personal finance coaches offer both group and one-on-one personal coaching sessions to help you work through any money issues you might have and empower you to develop confidence in making decisions and finding solutions when it comes to your finances. 

During these sessions with your personal finance coach, you will: 

  • Gain insight into what drives your financial behaviour and patterns
  • Discover what has contributed to your financial problems 
  • Eliminate some of the challenges that stand in the way of you achieving excellent financial health 
  • Realign your behavior and set new patterns to get on a path to a better financial future 
  • Become better equipped to handle any money challenges down the road

Our financial coaches work with customers who are unsure about credit ratings and the consequences of poor credit. We also offer business consulting for automotive financing, credit applications and more!

Whatever your financial situation, our coaches will help you focus on your goals and streamline your financial commitments so that your money truly begins working for you.  

Achieve Total Financial Peace of Mind

At Lighthouse Finance Capital, we take a personal, hands-on approach when working with our customers. We’ve been where you are - we’ve lost our credit rating, got back up, and said no more! 

Our decades-long experience in finance has given us the wisdom to help you short-cut this painful learning process, learn what is causing your financial problems, and achieve financial peace of mind.

Start Your Financial Freedom Journey With our Personal Finance Coaches

Our Calgary finance coaches are equipped to show you exactly how you can change the way you think about money and help you build a strategy for total financial freedom. 

Through our comprehensive programs, we will help you: 

  • Identify and eliminate major money blocks 
  • Gain perspective on your financial situation and regain control over your money
  • Create powerful mind shifts that will allow you to become financially free
  • End a cycle of debt, manage your income flows, and build a sound financial future
  • Overcome dangerous spending habits and identify triggers 

By working together, we can assess your situation, make sense of it, and get you back on track to financial freedom, sooner than you think.

Get Financing No Matter Your Credit History

No matter your credit history or financial situation, our team can help you find a tailored financing solution with flexible terms that fit your budget and lifestyle. Enter your information below and one of our team members will reach out shortly.

What to Expect When Working With Our Finance Coaches

At Lighthouse Capital Finance, our team of expert finance coaches combine considerable finance expertise with a personal and sensitive approach. 

Here’s what to expect from our process: 

  1. One on one talk. We will arrange a time to do a video interview or live one-on-one chat with you to gain an understanding of your challenges, where you want to stand financially, and how you want to change. 
  2. Identifying negative behaviours. We will then start to work with you to identify the underlying pattern(s) that have created your current problems. 
  3. Finding a solution. Once we have identified your challenges and negative habits, we will work on a formula or series of exercises to change those patterns. 
  4. Set you on the road to financial freedom. Our customized exercises and programs will allow you to move forward towards a better financial tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have bad credit and I’ve tried to fix it but it runs in my family. How can you change me?

A: We can’t change you - you will change you! We will work extensively with you to identify your negative spending patterns and give you the tools that will help you make the changes you need to move forward. 

Q: I feel like just when I get rolling, I get hit from nowhere and I am back in a poor financial situation. Why?

A: We hear you! We’ve been there, you are not alone. The answer is your specific spending patterns and the triggers that are causing you to repeat these behaviours. Let’s work together to find out what these are, create a powerful mindshift, and change your relationship with money for the better. 

Q: Are you a financial specialist?

A: This is the only question where I say no! While I am not a doctor or a specialist, I have been in your shoes and fought my way out to financial freedom. Based on this experience, I can help guide you out of the darkness and save you money. However change only happens when you are committed. You need to be all in!

What Clients Are Saying

Lighthouse Capital Is Here For You

Lighthouse Capital Is Here For You

Have you ever thought i (We) make great money! where does it all go?? you are not alone. we live in a time where we are constantly being inundated with ads about almost everything. it really take an extra effort to be intentional with your money. we live in a world where very few people actually use cash.

My goal with every client is to help them build a life where they control their money instead of their money controlling their life!

We accomplish this by developing tactics, strategies and habits. we dig into your reasons for wanting to change and we take small incremental steps to achieve your desired result. 

If you are ready for that change and want a future that you dream about but that you thought not really possible then reach out to me for your free 30 minute discover call to see if coaching is right for you.

I look forward to guiding you to a brighter financial future! 

Start Your Journey Towards Financial Freedom

Whether you require financing for a pre-owned vehicle, RV, or commercial equipment, we can help you get the flexible terms and great rates you deserve! Our team also offers comprehensive finance coaching services to help transform your relationship with money and get you on the road to financial stability.

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