Mike A.Sep 23, 2020
Absolutely loved working with Wes, he goes above and beyond for his clients! Would definitely recommend his services!
Gerry B.May 7, 2022
Hello, I would like to know if I can trade my 2015 Ford Taurus in for something else. I feel really taken for granted by the dealership I bought it from. When I got it I was told the leak in my…Read more...
Jacqueline M.Dec 27, 2021
Wes' service was above and beyond expectation. He worked hard to get me financing for my new vehicle. And I truly appreciate it.
Mike S.Nov 30, 2021
Awsome experience
Tausif S.Oct 21, 2021
Amazing opportunity to work with such a great professional. Positivity rubs off. Made my experience one of a kind
Stephanie S.Oct 21, 2021
Above and beyond my expectations with speed and efficiency. Allowed me to make a purchase without having to jump through hoops, for which I am extremely grateful for. I’ll never hesitate to…Read more...
Nancy G.Oct 13, 2021
I would go with Lighthouse again.
Theda K.Jun 24, 2021
Wes was extremely helpful! He had information on everything we needed and pointed us in the right direction. Highly recommend!
Camille R.Dec 1, 2020
Super fast processing of our car financing. Wes is awesome and made everything easy for us.
Natalia S.Oct 19, 2020
Wes was a pleasure to work with. He talked us through every step and made the experience much less stressful than we thought it would be. He dedicated his time to helping us get something that would…Read more...