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Equipment Leasing

Equipment Leasing

Funding new business equipment doesn’t have to be a daunting process! At Lighthouse Capital Finance, our mission is to find the right equipment financing solution for you. Our significant resources and years of experience enable us to help small businesses successfully expand in all industries, including agriculture, and oil and gas. 

Our exceptional standard of care and tailored equipment financing agreements mean you’ll never have to worry about impacting your cash flow or putting a significant capital up front! Our team will support you through the entire process, from finding the right equipment finance agreement to processing administration, and renewing your contract.

Lighthouse Capital Finance Offers Pre-Owned Equipment Financing

For many businesses, an ideal way to save money is to purchase pre-owned equipment, and while this can be a sound investment ready to give you years of service, one obstacle often stands in the way: finding used equipment financing. 

This is where we come in! Lighthouse Capital Finance is a leader in the small and medium business lending industry and our team will work diligently with you to get you the terms you want, at an excellent rate, in record time.

We are able to provide financing for all equipment within Canada, if it has a VIN number. In addition to this, we can work on projects that are based in both Canada and the USA. 

We Lease All Types of Equipment in All Industries 

Our team can help you find the right equipment financing, no matter your industry and what equipment you need. Some of these include: 

Agricultural Equipment

  • Conveyor belts 
  • Tractors 
  • Storage units 
  • Centre irrigation 
  • Material handling equipment 

Construction Equipment 

  • Forklifts and cranes 
  • Welding equipment 
  • Excavators 
  • Scissor lifts 
  • Survey equipment 

Medical/Dental Equipment 

  • X-Ray equipment 
  • Physiotherapy equipment 
  • Dental equipment 
  • Hospital equipment 

IT/Technology Equipment 

  • Computers
  • POS Equipment 
  • Telecommunications equipment 

No matter your business or specific needs, our team is fully equipped and 100% dedicated to helping your equipment dollar go further. We’ve helped thousands of companies reach their peaks, guided them when the going was tough, and best of all, celebrated with them when they achieved their goals! 

Why Work With Lighthouse Capital Finance

At Lighthouse Capital Finance, our equipment financing services help you get on track to build your business! We want to see you grow, but we don’t want to hurt your credit rating, or mislead you. 

We work our hardest to get you the terms you deserve and help you find the right equipment to fit your budget. 

  • We have 10 years of experience in the commercial financing industry
  • Our leasing partners have been selected based on their integrity and ability to meet our clients’ diverse needs. 
  • Our experience in the industry and resources means there is very little equipment that we cannot offer leasing options on. 

We have the experience to help all our clients solve the financial problems of small businesses. If you find yourself at a standstill because your budget won’t allow for new equipment, we can lend a helping hand to find a financing option that works best to keep your business production rolling. 

Keep Your Business Booming With Our Equipment Financing Services

Don’t let your need for new machinery or equipment slow down business growth! We understand that as your business expands, this can become an immediate need and we can help you stay ahead of the competition!

We will help you: 

  • Determine if equipment financing makes the most sense for your current needs. 
  • Find tailored solutions to meet all your financial requirements 
  • Gather all necessary credit information and source approval 
  • Find the equipment best suited for your business and arrange for you to pick up and sign all the documents. 

We value our customer relationships and all of our services and processes are carried out with the utmost transparency and integrity. 

Get Financing No Matter Your Credit History

No matter your credit history or financial situation, our team can help you find a tailored financing solution with flexible terms that fit your budget and lifestyle. Enter your information below and one of our team members will reach out shortly.

Partnering With Lighthouse Capital Finance: How it Works

At Lighthouse Capital Finance, we have developed a seamless and straight-forward process to help you find the right equipment financing/leasing solution in the shortest time frame. 

Here’s what to expect: 

  1. In-Depth Consultation: We arrange a time for an in-depth consultation. During this appointment, we will discuss your needs, budget and credit history, stability, and disposable income and help determine the best option for you. 
  2. Finding Your Solution and Seeking Approval: Once we have verified the availability of the product you require, we will help you seek approval. 
  3. Finalizing: Once we convey our results to you and get your approval, we will arrange for the pick up/delivery and signature of documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I drive for another company. Can I get approved?

A: Yes! With your good credit, all we would need is a letter of employment to help you get the truck you want! 

Q: I want to expand my business, but my cash flow is low. Can you help me?

A: Yes we can. Sometimes, our lenders can use other items as collateral for loans to help ensure the deal happens. In other cases, the lenders will help us source a less expensive unit to help it fit better in your budget. 

Q: I’m a farmer and not a great money maker. How can you help me?

A: Our lenders understand assets and agriculture and in the majority of cases, we are able to work with them to create a customized program that will fit your needs!

What Clients Are Saying

Lighthouse Capital Is Here For You

Lighthouse Capital Is Here For You

Lighthouse Capital Specializes in Financing Equipment, Vehicles, RV's and now Mortgages! With over 40 years of Financing experience, Lighthouse Capital has the resources to help you with all of your leasing and financing needs. Serving Calgary, AB and surrounding area's. have a group that is new to credit in Canada? whether young or old we can tailor an introductory 1 day seminar to give consumers a leg up on how to build credit and avoid pitfalls due to financial illiteracy.

Start Your Journey Towards Financial Freedom

Whether you require financing for a pre-owned vehicle, RV, or commercial equipment, we can help you get the flexible terms and great rates you deserve! Our team also offers comprehensive finance coaching services to help transform your relationship with money and get you on the road to financial stability.

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