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Lighthouse has grown

hello again my goal since we started lighthouse was to improve Crdit and Financial Literacy for the average person, credit for most people is like trying to win a game with out knowng the rules, some do ok but far too many of us faulter and trip along the way. we are proud to announce that we are putting up our first web course on Understanding…

Whats new with Lighthouse

our newest blog, we are pleased to Welcome Talat Hussain to our team, with Talat we are now able to assist you in getting a Mortgage, i have known Talat for many years and is fmailiar to my family for longer than i can remember, he is honest and a straight shooter. if you know of anyone that is looking to redo their mortgage or get a new one, let…

great and small things

Your past does not dictate your future your attitude will determine your Altitude and what ever you search for if you look hard enough, you will find it, good or bad, so make sure you are clear with your search engine!

credit mastery 101

3 things to remember with credit 1) it is YOUR credit rating, anything that happens to it, good or bad is your responsibility 2) it is your second most valuable asset, next to earning an income 3) it takes years to build and months to destroy

Lighthouse Capital Is Here For You

Lighthouse Capital Is Here For You

Lighthouse Capital Specializes in Financing Equipment, Vehicles, RV's and now Mortgages! With over 40 years of Financing experience, Lighthouse Capital has the resources to help you with all of your leasing and financing needs. Serving Calgary, AB and surrounding area's. have a group that is new to credit in Canada? whether young or old we can tailor an introductory 1 day seminar to give consumers a leg up on how to build credit and avoid pitfalls due to financial illiteracy.

Start Your Journey Towards Financial Freedom

Whether you require financing for a pre-owned vehicle, RV, or commercial equipment, we can help you get the flexible terms and great rates you deserve! Our team also offers comprehensive finance coaching services to help transform your relationship with money and get you on the road to financial stability.

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