We help breathe life and meaning back into personal finance

Financial Literacy is a critical part of any finanial plan, getting started may seem challenging but with a tailored plan to your specific dreams and goals it is achievable, if you are frustrated with your current financial position and don't know where to start, we've been there and can help guide you back to where you are in control! Call or text our team at (403) 660-0337.

Lighthouse Capital is a Calgary-based company specializing in Financial Wellness coaching, where we help couples build a life where they control their money instead of their money controlling their life. We offer a complimentary 30 minute consult to see if you are a good fit for coaching Contact our team today to book your session

Lighting Your Way to a Better Financial Future

Lighting Your Way to a Better Financial Future

With Lighthouse Capital Finance, finding the best finance and credit coaching has never been easier, Wes has been coaching clients on improving their credit and finance for over 30 years, he has heped hundreds clients improve their relationship with money and as a result improved other relationships in their lives whether it be with their children, significant other or business partner, your relationship with money is key to so many other areas of your life. if you struggle with money we can help, being intentional and proactive is the start, we are a proud member of Coach Connections and Accountable https://www.coach-connections.com/Badge

We help you gain control of your finances by working with you to change poor habits into productive positive habits

have you ever wondered where does all our/my money go? why am i always broke, how do i make my paychecks last or how will i ever save for an emergency, house, child education or even vacation. we can help!


Customized Financial Coaching To Suit Your Needs

At Lighthouse Capital Finance, we get to know your vision and help you realize it -  We offer finance coaching services that include worshops and 1 on 1 coaching that will help you gain control over your money and get on track to long-term financial security. Many people do not realize how being stressed over money can affect your health, relationship, job, credit and future, we are here to help you refocus, gain control and set a plan to have a brighter financial future!

Finance and Credit coaching

At Lighthouse Capital Finance, our team of expert personal finance coaches can help you take control of your finances, feel positive about the…

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 Our team offers comprehensive finance coaching services to help transform your relationship with money and get you on the road to financial stability.

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